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Horizontal Segment: The portion of the cabling system that extends from the work area outlet to the patch panel in the telecommunications room. The system also includes the work area outlet and patch cords at both ends. Cable media includes shielded and unshielded twisted pair, single mode fiber, multi mode fiber, and 75€“ ohm coaxial cables.

Backbone Segment: The portion of the structured cabling system that provides connectivity between entrance facilities, equipment rooms and telecommunications closets. Backbone cabling consists of the transmission media, horizontal, main and intermediate cross-connects and terminations.

Pathways and Spaces: The areas in a building or campus that hosts telecommunications, data equipment, and cabling. The areas include entrance facilities, equipment rooms, telecommunications rooms, cabling pathways, and risers.

Data Centers: Controlled area serving private or public domains designed to deploy large quantities of computer, storage, networking, and telecom equipment. The required elements are consistent with a structured cabling system.

Structured Cabling Systems are defined as a telecommunication€™s cabling infrastructure that consists of standardized elements that provide for the critical foundation for the entire network infrastructure. We further define these elements as sub-systems that include the Horizontal Segment, Backbone Segment, Pathways and Spaces, and Data Centers. Each sub-system must have a defined criteria based on technology, growth, life cycle, and access. We at Harbinger provide our customers with the best value by including an entire suite of services as part of our standard installation.

Sub-System Definitions

Building The Infrastructure

The systems we install are strictly based on the governing codes and standards. We include all the tasks, labor, and materials necessary to design and install the highest quality structured cabling system available today. We use only premier products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our on-staff Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) are BICSI accredited and will oversee all aspects of the infrastructure design and implementation.