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What's In A Name?

har•bin•ger noun \ˈhär-bən-jər\

1 a : one that pioneers in or initiates a major change
   b : one that presages or foreshadows what is to come

2 archaic : a person sent in advance of a royal party or army to obtain lodgings for them

1. <the robin is a harbinger of spring>

foregoer, forerunner, herald, precursor, 


Harbinger Communications, Inc., since 1985, has a long and proud tradition of providing superior products and services to our clients throughout New England. We recently celebrated our thirty year anniversary (2015), and throughout that time, we have built an impeccable reputation with our customers based upon our expertise, integrity, and reliability. Our core service discipline includes design, planning, specification, installation, maintenance, and administration. Our product offerings include structured cabling, business relocation, data centers, voice systems and communications outsourcing. Harbinger Communications is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.


Founded in 1985, Harbinger set out to provide our customer's with a choice for their day to day telephony requirements. In the 80’s third party maintenance was common in the computing industry but unheard of in the telephony realm. Hence the name Harbinger Communications the first to provide a real choice for a growing customer base.

Although our original offerings revolved around voice services we quickly adapted to our customer's needs as demand for desk top computing took off. We started connecting mainframe terminals over twisted pair cable using baluns (media matching device). Our first networks were thinnet, thicknet and apple talk. A hardware company known a Synoptic popularized the concept of the modular Ethernet hubs delivering high-speed Ethernet networking over copper twisted-pair and fiber optic cables, a precursor to 10-base-T. The rest is history!

A little History:

Looking Back:

When we started HCI back in 1985 our first computer was an IBM AT, AT standing for Advanced Technology. This was an 8 MHz microprocessor with 256 KB of memory (wow) and you had to learn DOS to operate it. A few of our young employees came across some of our old floppy disks; it was funny to realize that they had never seen them before as they LOL when told of their use.

Our vision is to continue to stay ahead of the curve, cut through the buzz and offer our clients the benefit of our vast experience while maintaining and forging new relationships based on our simple but core principle “the customer is king”. 

Edward M Rodrigues


Harbinger Communications, Inc

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