Backbone Cabling

A backbone cabling system provides interconnections between network rooms, server rooms, telecom rooms, and entrance facilities and also extends between buildings in a campus environment. The services transmitted over a defined backbone system includes, voice, data, video, security, and demarcation services. The media used for these services are site specific.

Legacy voice systems will require voice grade multi pair cable also known as feed or house cable. Even with VoIP implementations, to a lesser degree, copper feeds are needed to deliver analog services from a central location. Vendor services are typically delivered within 50 ft of entering the building. The extension of the demarcation point is part of the backbone system and could require a combination of media to extend POTS lines and WAN services, T-1/PRI, Ethernet, DS3, and Dark Fiber etc.

With a local area network the choices are plentiful and dependent on distances and bandwidth requirements. Topology is also  a determining 

factor. For a small implementation and short distances a series of quality Cat 6 cables should suffice. For larger sites your choices are single mode fiber, multi mode fiber or a hybrid of both. With MM fiber your choices are from OM1 to OM4. The choice between SM and the different MM cables will depend on distances, the modal bandwidth required, and the available transceivers. We like to keep things simple, install single mode fiber and eliminate distance and bandwidth calculation and in most cases it is also your most affordable option.  Let us show you how!